The RuptureSeal in Action

The RuptureSeal™ Story

In 1994, Glenn Cox, the inventor of The RuptureSeal™ (Saving Environments And Lives), responded to a tanker truck accident on a remote highway of Vancouver Island, Canada, where he was stationed as a police officer. The tanker had overturned and was leaking diesel fuel from a 2 inch rupture. The Department of Environmental Emergency Response had been dispatched, but their response time was going to be 2-3 hours, due to the location. The local fire department (who Mr. Cox was also a member of) responded to the scene, but did not have sufficient equipment to stop the leak.

Shortly after, the Department of Transportation arrived with a backhoe and constructed a dirt berm to stop the spread of fuel to a nearby river. Product continued to spill for 2.5 hours until the Provincial Department of Environmental Emergency Response arrived.


Upon arrival, the spill specialist immediately went to the back of his truck, mixed a granular product with water, and kneaded it until it turned into a large piece of putty. He approached the leak with a small piece of plywood and a long handled shovel. As he was being sprayed by diesel fuel, he shoved the putty into the rupture and placed the plywood behind it. He then propped the shovel behind it to hold it all in place, reducing the leak to a trickle. By then, several hundred gallons of fuel had leaked into the environment, costing thousands of dollars to clean up.

After leaving the police force, Mr. Cox worked as a Risk Manager for an international insurance company. In 2007 he attended a seminar on hazardous spill site remediation that was attended by environmental lawyers, engineers, remediation company representatives and insurance professionals.

It was clear during this seminar that the technology of bung plugs and putty to stop leaks that was available twenty years ago, still remained state of the art and had not advanced at all since the 1994 incident. This sparked an idea. He jotted a rough sketch down on a notepad which was the beginning of The RuptureSeal™

This sparked an idea.

After further development of The RuptureSeal™ in 2010, talks with local fire departments and liquid carriers led to the RS2™ device. They needed something to seal small to normal sized holes that was quick and easy to deploy, immediately accessible and which required minimal training. There was no requirement to completely remove the user from contact with the leaking material since materials like hydrocarbon fuels would pose minimal risk to the operator.

Both The RuptureSeal™ and RS2™ systems are designed to provide temporary protection from leaks until the problem can be adequately addressed on a permanent basis.

Zengo has completed extensive research and development of The RS-2™ leak sealing device and the product is available for purchase now, through Zengo directly or through one of our distributors.


What is The RUPTUREseal™ line of technologies?


It is a line of leak-stopping devices currently available in 3 convenient sizes. A simple and quick plug system for various holes.

The RuptureSeal™ can address holes as small as 4mm (5/32in), as large as 64mm (2.5in) in diameter, and gashes up to 100mm (4in) in length. However, we are always improving our capabilities and further sizes are under consideration. If you have a requirement, let us know!


How fast does this technology work?


The RuptureSeal™ deploys in seconds, even faster with training and experience.


How long will it last for?


Both devices are temporary measures intended to last upwards of 10 hours in the rupture.


What chemicals are compatible with the RuptureSeal?


Please see this PDF document to check the RuptureSeal's compatibility with different types of chemical substances.


Are there currently any products on the market like it?


The RuptureSeal™ is a unique product to the marketplace. It represents a significant leap in safety and sealing approach not found in the competition. It incorporates many innovative design features not found anywhere else. This allows it to be the quickest and easiest sealing device available.


Training Demonstrations

Easy as 1.2.3.

The RuptureSeal is designed to safely seal ruptures fast. Please refer to instructions and watch the video before deploying.

  1. Approach the Rupture from the side, outside the path of the flow of liquid. Flip the pin so it is parallel with the nylon tie.
  2. Insert the pin into the rupture. Once the pin is in the rupture, quickly let go and drive the plug into the rupture holding in place stopping the flow of liquid.
  3. As you push the plug into the rupture, with your free hand GENTLY pull on the handle. When the handle is fully extended and the clicking stops the RuptureSeal is deployed. (If you pull too hard the handle is designed to release)

RuptureSeal™ Products


Rupture Seal


Rupture Seal

Technical Specs

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