RuptureSeal Pro Emergency Pack

Rupture Seal™ Pro Emergency Response Kit

Kit contains: 4x RS 1″; 3x RS 2″; 1x RS 2″x6″; 1x Emergency Pipe Leak Plug

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RuptureSeal Emergency Pack

Rupture Seal™ Emergency Response Kit

Kit contains: 2x RS 1″; 1x RS 2″; 1x RS 2″x6″; 1x Pipe Leak Plug 2 pack

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RuptureSeal 3 pack

Rupture Seal™ 3 Pack

Safely control leaks and mechanically seal punctures instantly with Rupture Seal.

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Used by many Federal, Provincial/State, Municipal and Corporate emergency response providers, including Hazmat, Emergency and Fire Responders for fast and safe spill and leak control. All Rupture Seal Products are Proposition 65 compliant per California law, contain no cancer causing agents or substances, nor require any warning labels herein.

Ask your insurance provider about including Rupture Seal leak seal in your spill kit. Avoid costly insurance claims and environmental damage. Don't delay, order Rupture Seal today.

leaky barrel
Compatible with fuel spills
Chemical Spills
Chemical Compatible
clock icon
Deploys in seconds
temperature range
Effective from -50º C to 50º C
Reduce clean up time
Water Icon
Perfect for water leaks

We have used this product on several occasions and found it very effective. It is super easy and simple to use. On our last call we had an overturned service vehicle that was leaking diesel fuel. The tank contained almost 400 gallons of fuel and we were able to contain the leak within a few minutes eliminating a potential environment incident. It is a great product and would recommend it any time.

Fire Chief G. Dales

Mundare Fire & Rescue, Mundare, Alberta

One of the most effective leak sealing devices that I have ever seen - and after being on the fire department for a quarter of a century the times that I could have used this I can't begin to count.

Jon J. Haskett

Firefighter, Central Florida

Some 240 tankers carry in total between 35-40 million tons of oil a year. This is a third of the total supply of crude oil in Rotterdam. MOT aims at ensuring the health, safety, the protection of it's employees as well as preventing damage to the environment and property. The RuptureSeal™ is one way for us to help ensure life safety and environmental protection.

Maasvlakte Olie Terminal Rotterdam

The Netherlands
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Deployment speed less than 20 seconds orange checkmark X X X X X
Deployment speed less than 1 minute orange checkmark X X X grey checkmark grey checkmark
Mechanical seal to any ruptured surface orange checkmark Not Available X grey checkmark X X
Full fuel & chemical compatibility orange checkmark LIMITED LIMITED X WATER ONLY grey checkmark
Temperature range from -50ºC to 50ºC orange checkmark X X X grey checkmark grey checkmark
No tools required orange checkmark X X grey checkmark grey checkmark X
Deployed unit removal less than 30 seconds orange checkmark X X X grey checkmark X
No personal or environmental limitations orange checkmark X grey checkmark X grey checkmark grey checkmark

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