Emergency Response Starter Kit

Kit Contains: 2x RS1, 1x RS2, 1x RS2x6, 1x PLP

The Best Solution for
Water leaks,
Fuel & Chemical Spills.


The Best Solution for Water Leaks,
Fuel & Chemical Spills

Rupture Seal™ provides a simple solution to common and potentially dangerous, even life threatening, situations. Best of all, it’s cost efficient and easy to employ.

Rupture Seal™ takes just seconds to create a safe mechanical seal to stop water leaks, fuel leaks and chemical spills, making it essential equipment for hazmat and first responders as well as boat owners and commercial and industrial applications. It's also the best solution to many water leaks in your household.

It’s a markedly quicker way to contain breaches than putty, foam, wooden/screw plugs or tape, and is easier to remove. Rupture Seal is also designed to work on damaged or grimy surfaces.

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Perfect for water leaks
Perfect for water leaks
Deploys in seconds
Deploys in seconds
Effective from -50º C to 50º C
Effective from -50º C to 50º C
Reduce clean up time
Reduce clean up time
Compatible with fuel spills
Compatible with fuel spills

A fuel leak from as small as a 2" puncture can result in an average of $15,000 in clean up costs. Your response needs to be fast, clean and effective. You need Rupture Seal.

Rupture Seal Compound & Putty Pipe Plugs & Screws Urethane or Foam Sealing Tapes Wood Plugs & Wedges
Deployment speed less than 20 seconds
Deployment speed less than 1 minute
Mechanical seal to any ruptured surface
Full fuel & chemical compatibility LIMITED LIMITED WATER ONLY
Temperature range from -50ºC to 50ºC
No tools required
Deployed unit removal less than 30 seconds
No personal or environmental limitations
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