Rupture Seal vs Other Products

Rupture Seal deploys in seconds, preventing or minimizing real environmental damage and cost. Our products can be deployed for use with any type of fuel leak, chemical leak or oil leak, providing a solid mechanical seal on irregular or damaged surfaces. With all the benefits and features of traditional Compound Putty, Urethane/Foam, Wooden Plugs and Wedges, Screws and even Flexible Leak Tape, Rupture Seal addresses the weakness of each, all in a single, ready-to-use product.

Compound & Putty

Compound and putty leak stops are flexible when mixed and applied by putty knife or other similar tool, they are easy to apply and remove, and are suitable for a number of emergency scenarios and a wide variety of puncture shapes and sizes.

Where compound and putty don’t work is in the time it takes to mix the solution, wherein time lost means money lost in terms of container contents, clean up and damage. While Rupture Seal possesses all the positive characteristics of compound and putty, it betters them with its increased deployment speed and the resulting financial and maintenance savings.

Where compound & putty falls behind Rupture Seal is in speed of deployment; Putty products require the mixing of two compounds into a single deployable compound. Time spent creating this compound equals spill time, and spill time equals increased cost to you.

Pipe Plugs & Screws

Pipe plugs and screws are another popular leak sealant. Deployed by fitting or screwing into the hole, they won’t deflate, they can be used as a long-term solution, and you can choose from a variety of metals suited to the requirements of the job.

The problem with these types of leak stoppers is that they are unable to fit every type of leak or puncture, and they are slower to deploy than Rupture Seal stoppers. They also possess limited fuel and chemical compatibility, and tools and additional time are required when using this method, losing valuable time and money.

RuptureSeal Pro Emergency Pack


Foam and urethane leak sealers are another popular choice for emergency leak stops. They are easy to apply by being sprayed, work with hairline fractures, adhere well, and can penetrate deeply.

Where foam and urethane leak seals don’t work is in deployment scenarios beyond 10psi. In this case, the pressure of the leaking liquid pushes the sealant away from the leak or rupture, breaching the seal. There are no such issues with Rupture Seal. In addition, Foam/Urethane can only be used with water leaks, whereas Rupture Seal is rated for fuel, chemical and oil spills at almost range pf temperature and pressure.

Flexible Sealing Tapes

Liquid resistant tape is a popular emergency leak stop solution, applied by wrapping the product around a pipe or similar leak source. Its known for its easy application and cost effectiveness.

Sealing tapes don’t work, however, on fluids other than water, and they won’t work unless they are applied to a smooth surface. Rupture Seal, while also quick, easy to apply, and cost effective, works to stop all types of fuel, chemical and oil leaks, and can be used on uneven surfaces.

Wood Plugs & Wedges

Wood plugs and wedges, whether sharp or tapered, can be applied quickly, and work by fitting into the leak source and blocking it. They also have the added benefit of swelling when wet, which serves to increase the security and function of the seal.

Wood products, however, don’t work with uneven punctures, and they require tools to deploy. They may also become jammed in place and become difficult to remove if a permanent fix is required as follow up.

Rupture Seal products are not only easy to deploy, but they are also easy to remove. No tools are required to fit Rupture Seal fluid stops in place, and their patented design and components ensure that they are compatible with a wide variety of perforations.

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Deployment speed less than 20 seconds orange checkmark X X X X X
Deployment speed less than 1 minute orange checkmark X X X grey checkmark grey checkmark
Mechanical seal to any ruptured surface orange checkmark Not Available X grey checkmark X X
Full fuel & chemical compatibility orange checkmark LIMITED LIMITED X WATER ONLY grey checkmark
Temperature range from -50ºC to 50ºC orange checkmark X X X grey checkmark grey checkmark
No tools required orange checkmark X X grey checkmark grey checkmark X
Deployed unit removal less than 30 seconds orange checkmark X X X grey checkmark X
No personal or environmental limitations orange checkmark X grey checkmark X grey checkmark grey checkmark