Air Liquide
Canadian National

Johnny N Adams

I know I am late to the entry but I have a good one for you.   On Nov 25th my department responded to a vehicle vs a buried 1000lb ...
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Mundare, Alberta Fire and Rescue

Fire Chief, G. Dales, Mundare Fire & Rescue, Mundare, Alberta

We have used this product on several occasions and found it very effective. It is super easy and simple to use. On our last call we had an overturned service ...
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Jon J. Haskett, Firefighter, Central Florida

One of the most effective leak sealing devices that I have ever seen - and after being on the fire department for a quarter of a century the times that ...
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John M. Stull, Operations Supervisor, Newalta Corporation

This sure beats the other products. Our crews and I have used the RuptureSeal™ out in the field on several occasions and on countless training exercises. We have always had ...
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John J. Theurer, Quality Strategist, Accuworx Inc.

The product is very easy to deploy and training for staff minimal. Accuworx is an emergency response and haz mat contractor. We were deployed to a release of mixed liquid ...
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Maasvlakte Olie Terminal Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Through a good maritime infrastructure, the largest tankers can moor with Maasvlakte Olie Terminal. Some 240 tankers carry in total between 35-40 million tons of oil a year. This is ...
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Bill Pearl, Operations Manager, S&V Delta Towing Cambridge, Ontario

We were called to a tractor trailer crash on July 2, 2014 where we discovered that a saddle tank was still leaking. We used the RuptureSeal™ to bring the leak ...
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Jim Young, P.Eng Director, Province of PEI, Environment Division

We see the value in a product like yours, which made our purchasing decision easy. We were pleased to purchase the RuptureSeal™ kits for each of our Environment division's vehicles ...
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Wesley G. Armour, CEO, President, Armour Transportation Systems

This is the best thing I have bought that I hope I never have to use. (After purchasing 650 RuptureSeal™ units to equip his fleet and terminal network).
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Joel Shannon, VP, Purchasing Fleet Operations, Seaboard/Harmac

The potential to revolutionize the way companies deal with liquid spills. Earlier this year, Glenn Cox presented to me his invention the RuptureSeal™. I feel this device has the potential ...
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Gordon Duke, Director of Operations, Halifax Stanfield International Airport

We definitely keep the product on all our trucks. A vehicle inbound to the airport was struck on the undercarriage, rupturing the fuel tank. As the vehicle slowed down and ...
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Dave Bannister, Chief Salisbury Fire Rescue, Salisbury, New Brunswick

The Salisbury Fire Rescue responded to an accident where a tractor trailer jackknifed and ruptured its 110 gallon saddle tank. Shortly after our arrival, we deployed the RuptureSeal™ in the ...
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Donald Lamarche, Deputy of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, Hemmingford Aerospace, QC, Canada

This happened a little over a year ago, when one of our barrels was pierced by a piece of equipment, and back then, we had absolutely no way of stopping ...
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Billy Leach Jr, Developer and Presenter BIG RIG RESCUE

I first saw the RuptureSeal at FDIC in 2014. It’s a very simple and ingenious product! Glenn provided me a sample that I demonstrate during BIG RIG RESCUE training. All ...
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Donnie Fillmore, President/ General Manager, Atlantic Pacific Transport Ltd.

An Atlantic Pacific Transport Vehicle recently experienced a saddle tank rupture in a remote part of Newfoundland. All our vehicles are equipped with The RuptureSeal™ and thankfully on this day, ...
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