Marine Emergency
Leak Response Kit

Kit Contains: 2x RS 1"; 1x RS 2"

When a problem happens in open water, it is up to you to solve it, and if it's a leak, you need a reliable solution that temporarily contains it in seconds so a permanent fix can be found. You need a product that can mechanically seal hull impact leaks, accidental punctures, drain leaks and fuel line pin-hole leaks that can save your vessel. Unlike most tapes, putties or foam plugs on the market that are limited to size, uniformity of surface and water pressure, in water only emergencies and take as long as 10 minutes to deploy, RuptureSeal Marine Emergency Leak Response Kits handle water leaks on sharp, jagged, dirty and uneven surfaces, but can also control fuel and fluid leaks with the same speed, reliability and success that our customers know and expect.