RS-1™ (Small)
seal leaks 1/8"-1" (4mm-25mm) diameter

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RS-2™ (Medium)
seal leaks 1/4"-2" (6mm-50mm) diameter

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RS-2X6™ (Large)
1/4"x 4" (6mm-100mm)
— 2"x 6" (50mm-150mm) diameter

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Breach, boat leak, chemical tank, fuel rupture, hull gash, pipe repairs and more

Step 1

Approach the rupture from the side, outside the path of the flow of liquid. Flip the pin so it is parallel with the nylon tie.
Quick and easy seal

Step 2

Insert the pin into the rupture. Once the pin is in the rupture, quickly let go and drive the plug into the rupture, holding it in place to stop the flow of liquid.
Stop leaks

Step 3

As you push the plug into the rupture, GENTLY pull on the handle. When the handle is fully extended and the clicking stops, the RuptureSeal™ is deployed.


Stops a Leak Dry

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