Tips to increase Revenue for Fire Departments

Budget time crunch...we are all affected.

Fire Departments, particularly Rural Volunteer Fire Departments, are being tasked with more and more responsibilities.   At the same time, municipalities are cutting funding.  
Here is a paper published through The United States Fire Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency that provides some timely discussion on the ongoing issue of increasing revenue, without decreasing the overall level of service you provide.

Implementing one or more of these ideas will enable you to be better prepared to respond to a HazMat spill by equipping your trucks with RuptureSeal™ products, like our current customers listed below do.
Oaklawn Fire Department
Bismark Rural Fire Department

San Antonio Fire Department
RuptureSeal™.  The difference between a controlled spill and disaster.


Tips to increase Revenue for Fire Departments
Practice spill prevention.
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The staggering costs of Oil Spill Cleanup may surprise you.
We have a choice. Spill prevention vs Massive Oil Spill Cleanup costs.
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Spill prevention using RuptureSeal™ shows environmental consciousness.
The purpose of the RuptureSeal™ is to safely seal ruptures to protect the environment and to save lives. Our mission statement is that life safety and environmental protection are far too
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RuptureSeal™ on the job.
Helping to save the environment and lives.
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