The staggering costs of Oil Spill Cleanup may surprise you.

Considerations for estimating Oil Spill Cleanup Costs

The RuptureSeal™ can be the difference between a controlled spill and a disaster.  While not every incident that occurs is appropriate to use RuptureSeal™, there are many applications in oil refineries, pipelines, fire/hazmat, trucking accidents and manufacturing where the product can help save environments and lives.

When a leak or rupture in a container, tank or pipe occurs, it is imperative to stop the flow of material as quickly as possible, RuptureSeal™ safely seals ruptures fast and can help avoid massive spills because it can be deployed within seconds.

Think of RuptureSeal™ as an effective insurance policy.

Estimating oil spill cleanup costs is not a simple process.  Here is some more information on the incredible complexity and wide variances in the cost of oil spill cleanups.

Check out this article to learn more about this very complex process.



Tips to increase Revenue for Fire Departments
Practice spill prevention.
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The staggering costs of Oil Spill Cleanup may surprise you.
We have a choice. Spill prevention vs Massive Oil Spill Cleanup costs.
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Spill prevention using RuptureSeal™ shows environmental consciousness.
The purpose of the RuptureSeal™ is to safely seal ruptures to protect the environment and to save lives. Our mission statement is that life safety and environmental protection are far too
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RuptureSeal™ on the job.
Helping to save the environment and lives.
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